Tesla Model Y 1.8" Overland Adventure Suspension Lift Kit Set

Tesla Model Y 1.8" Overland Adventure Suspension Lift Kit Set

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Add the optimal ground clearance to your Model Y.  T Sportline engineers have designed an easy to install lift kit for raising your Model Y.  This kit will serve all those who want to venture off the path, or drive through snow storms, or pull into steep driveways without scraping.   The lift is compatible with all Model Y versions and all factory or T Sportline wheel and tire combinations.  No other vehicle modifications are needed.  We recommend adding the T Sportline 18" Overland Wheel & Tire kit to make the ultimate adventurer combination.   

  • 1.8″ increase in ground clearance (with factory tires)
  • 2.3" increase in ground clearance (with T Sportline 18" Overland Tires)
    • Overlanding and off-road clearance
    • Heavy snow clearance
    • Improve attack angle for steep driveways
    • Added clearance over rough terrain 
  • Compatible with all Model Y versions, including Performance Model
  • Anodized CNC-machined billet aluminum spacers corrosion resistent
  • Easier ingress and egress into & out of vehicle 
  • Allows the fitment of up to 29.5″ overall diameter tires

    Kit Includes:

    • 4 CNC-machined Billet Aluminum Spacers (2 front / 2 rear)
    • 4 Rear Damper Spacers
    • 2 Rear Spacer Gaskets
    • All Required Hardware (6 each: M8 Bolts, M8 Nuts, 4 each: M10 Bolts)

    Required Tools for Installation:

    • Metric Socket & Wrench Set
    • 2.5 Ton Floor Jack and Low Profile Jack Stands
    • Note - Spring Compressor is NOT Required

    Note: T Sportline recommends having the vehicle aligned after installing kit.


    After installation, the cameras must be 're-calibrated'.   This is a simple process you can do yourself.  Go to the 'Service' button on the center screen, click 'Camera Calibration', and follow the steps.   This re-calibration will ensure your ADAS maintains proper functionality.  


    T Sportline's ASPEN CHARGED EDITION Model Y: For the ultimate in performance, T Sportline recommends adding our lift kit, skid plates, bull bar brush guard, and overlanding wheel and tire package to your Tesla Model Y.  The added ground clearance and proper tire specification will give extra confidence for more advanced overlanding.   Vehicle lifting is optional, not required. T Sportline overland wheel and tire kits will bolt on and fit a stock Telsa Model Y without any lift.